OPINION & POLL: Australia’s REAL Radio Hunks

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Beth Larsen – who hosts afternoons at Hit104.7 Canberra, is thoroughly outraged by Take 5 Magazine’s Australia’s Hottest Radio Hunk poll.

Radio Today invited Beth to share her take on the top 20 finalists and put forward her picks and poll for the best looking Aussie lad in radio.

I was scrolling through the interwebs yesterday, and I noticed an article posted by Take 5 magazine titled, ‘top 20 radio hunks revealed’.  I excitingly clicked on the link in the hope of scoring some eye candy, only to find a list of people who, in my opinion, don’t fit the ‘hunk’ category. I was hoping for fit gym bods, cute dimples, tall, dark, and handsome. Instead, I got 60+, grey-haired, and dad bods.
Exhibit A, Ray Hadley, legendary broadcaster… but, if I saw him sipping margaritas at my local bourbon bar I probably wouldn’t ask for his number.
And Kyle Sandilands, I’m a massive fan, and your girlfriend is HOT AF, but I feel like there are more qualified people to be on the list.  Let’s be honest, radio peeps #slay.
There are some fine lookers that bless our airwaves and they also have the gift of the gap.  What a great industry we work in! GO GET EM’ BOYS!!
There’s the old saying ‘you have a face for radio’. Well, that doesn’t apply to these good looking lads!

View the final results of Larsen’s poll here.

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