Australia’s hunkiest jocks belong to the Hit Network

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Woody Whitewall is the best-looking jock on Australian airwaves, according to Radio Today readers.

The REAL Radio Hunks Poll was initiated by Hit104.7 Canberra’s Beth Larsen in response to Take 5 Magazine‘s nationwide search for Australia’s hottest radio hunk.

Dissatisfied with the mag’s top 20 finalists, Larsen asked Radio Today to poll its readers with her handpicked selection of good looking radio lads.

The final results prove the Hit Network has a keen eye for scouting fine looking announcers; the network finished with an 80% share of the top 10 (below), while Perth leads as the city who can now boast the most attractive jocks down-under.

Frontrunner Whitewall, who co-hosts breakfast with Heidi and Will on Hit92.9 Perth, collected 26% of the votes. He also co-hosts Weekend Breakfast with Will on Melbourne’s Fox FM.

“I’m absolutely stoked to be named RadioToday‘s hottest hunk, and with absolutely no outside help or promotion as well!”, he told Radio Today.

“Some people will ask how I dominated the voting. ‘Woody,’ they’ll say, ‘did you sit on your laptop for three days voting for yourself?’ ‘Absolutely not’, I’ll reply, ‘that’s what production teams are for!’

“As the official face of Matisse Beach Club here in Perth (#ToolByThePool), not to mention being consistently mistaken for a pro-surfer, I’ve got a rep to uphold! All that being said, I’m thrilled to have won and just finally want to thank my genetics, my gym membership, and my tanning salon for paying off,” he said.

In clear second place with 17% was AFTRS graduate Tyrone Thwaites – also from Hit92.9 Perth. Thwaites covers the 9am to 1pm shift on the SCA-owned station. He’s also a journalist and occasional TV presenter and sports commentator.

Thwaites was more humble on hearing the news of his poll position. “To be honest, I think I’m just piggybacking off the back of Woody. He’s been raving about his ‘top bun’ lately, so I couldn’t think of a ‘fake surfer guy’ I would be happier to place behind than him. Also, I still haven’t sold off my old iPhones, so it was easy to convince Mum to vote on different devices,” he said via a text message to Radio Today.

Canberra’s Ryan Jon, who co-hosts Hit104.7 breakfast with Tanya Hennessy in the nation’s capital and Weekend Breakfast on 2Day FM Sydney, had 9% of the votes to cement bronze.

Jon is among the smartest in broadcasting with an honours degree in finance, backed-up by millions of video views for his vending machine skit with fellow hunks, Manpower.

On his inclusion in the unofficial poll, Jon told Radio Today, “In an industry where the males are known as fat ugly pigs, it’s nice to be recognised as one of the least fat, and ugly.”

Honourable mentions in Larsen’s REAL Radio Hunks Poll also go to Ross Wallman (#4), Gordie Waters (#5), Andy Lee (#6), Angus O’loughlin (#7), Michael Christian (#8), Hamish Blake (#9) and Tommy Little (#10).

In an op-ed published by Radio Today last week, Larsen said she excitedly clicked on Take 5‘s poll in the hope of scoring some eye candy, only to find a list of people who, in her opinion, don’t fit the ‘hunk’ category.

“I was hoping for fit gym bods, cute dimples, tall, dark, and handsome. Instead, I got 60+, grey-haired, and dad bods,” Larsen wrote.

“Exhibit A, Ray Hadley, legendary broadcaster… but, if I saw him sipping margaritas at my local bourbon bar I probably wouldn’t ask for his number.”

Back to the official poll, and Take 5 Magazine‘s nationwide search for Australia’s hottest radio hunk is still open for voting.

Deputy editor Kate Kirsten told Radio Today last week that her phone has been ringing non-stop from other announcers asking how well they polled – some even wondered if they would receive an honourable mention.

“It’s a lighthearted competition, all in good fun. I’m so pleased that Australia’s best real-life magazine, Take 5, is giving people a smile when there is so much bad news out there, and I’m excited to see who makes the Top 10 in just under two weeks time,” she said.

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