NZ radio presenter busted when she left mic on

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Rachel Smalley is a famous NZ TV presenter who quit television last year and joined The Radio Network (TRN) to host their pre-breakfast hour from 5am-6am on NewstalkZB.

At the end of her show Smalley was telling a story about a contraceptive pill that was apparently less effective in women who weighed more than 70kg, the average weight of NZ women is 72kg.

She then finished up the break, went to the ads and failed to turn off her mic. Smalley then called New Zealand women "heifers" and "a bunch of lardos".

Here's the audio from
or hear it here

Smalley has released a statement saying:

"I deeply regret the comments. They were offensive.

"I left my microphone on and a conversation meant for off-air, went on-air and the audience only heard one side of that conversation.

"That said, my comments were offensive. I'm sorry. It was a genuine mistake."

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