Nova scores exclusive with teen lost in outback

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Nova 106.9's Ash, Kip & Luttsy scored an exclusive this morning. They chatted with Sam Woodhead, the British backpacker who was lost for 3 days in the Queensland outback.

While reports suggest he has sold his story to the UK tabloids, Nova say they didn't pay Sam for the interview.

In the audio below hear his account of what happened :-

  • Why he went for a run with his backpack
  • The moment he realised he was lost
  • Addressing the accusation he was imitating TV star, Bear Grylls
  • What movie inspired his survival plan
  • Comparing drinking urine to Jägerbombs

He also told the boys he is planning to get a Queensland Ambulance symbol tattooed “to always remember what these guys did for me”.

Hear the chat here

Pic: Tim Marsden (

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