NOVA Entertainment launches original podcast: Not Another Parenting Podcast

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NOVA Entertainment has announced its latest original offering, Not Another Parenting Podcast. 

The first episode comes out on Wednesday, and it will be hosted by Nova 96.9’s Sarah McGilvray and former publicist turned podcaster and columnist, Cathrine Mahoney.

The weekly podcast is billed as a “hilarious, no-holds barred and no judgement chat about the realities of being a parent”, and a place where “it’s totally okay to admit that sometimes, you just don’t like your kids”.

The duo, who are said to have “a chemistry that is honest, unfiltered and entertaining” will discuss what to say if your kids barge in during “special cuddles”, the pros and cons of kitting on a single dad at a kid’s party, and how to hide from a babysitter.

Rachel Corbett, NOVA Entertainment’s head of podcasts and digital content, said: “We know there’s an appetite for raw and honest content especially around parenting where one look at another mum’s Instagram feed can have you convinced you’re doing it all wrong. But there’s no chance of feeling that way with this podcast because Cath and Sarah are the first to admit they don’t have a clue what they’re doing. If you want plenty of laughs and zero judgement, this is the show for you.”

Kane Reiken, digital commercial director, meanwhile, pushed the podcast’s commercial appeal.

“The genuine chemistry between Cathrine and Sarah creates the perfect environment for brands to authentically integrate within the conversation and connect with this highly influential parental audience.”

McGilvray said of the podcast: “When my bid to get Breakfast radio hours extended till the afternoon failed, I decided to hassle Cath to do a podcast with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything else, but I certainly know my strengths and they are better off being at school.”

Mahoney added: “’I am thrilled to be combining two of my favourite things; podcasting and hanging out with Sarah – now if we can wrangle Tom Hardy as a guest that would make my year.

“I’m also excited to finally be able to finish a conversation with Sarah without one of our kids interrupting, it is off putting when halfway through a phone chat Sarah says, ‘Great job on the poo’. That is a toilet training reference, not husband and wife banter by the way. Hopefully the listeners will enjoy our weekly oversharing and have a giggle along at our (and our kids) expense.”

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22 Feb 2021 - 11:58 am

Why don’t you guys write more about what people of colour are doing in the radio/podcasting space? It’s not just anglo’s that are in the industry you know.

22 Feb 2021 - 8:14 pm

congrats Sarah, what a super talented woman you are!
Can’t wait to listen.

10 Mar 2021 - 11:58 am

Hi I want to love this being a massive scummy mummies fan. I think this is missing in our podscape….but you opened with I used to be better I used to be thin…. say what… mothers of Australia are screaming…We are being unsupported at work underpaid and underrepresented and that is just the white ones… please don’t sit on the fence jump and we will jump with you…. I am going to try and listen to the rest now… here is hoping for more…you have a platform use it….don’t be a man’s voice in a women’s body!!!… or is this just an advertising cash cow?


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