Newcastle survey 2 released : KOFM stay on top

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The second survey result for 2013 has been released in Newcastle.

KOFM remain #1 in the market with NXFM #2. KOFM's David & Tanya slipped slightly after last survey's 6.9 increase, they are down 3.0 but remain #1 on 20.3%. Heidi, Heath & Normy are now the #2 breakfast show in Newcastle after going up 2.6 and are now 14.8%, 1 point clear of ABC1233.

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More analysis below :-

KOFM slipped back slightly, down 1.2 10+ to be on 20.2% but still 5.3 clear of second place NXFM.

They increased 2.8 with 25-39's and although were down 40-64 they still dominate those demo's.

David & Tanya (left) remain #1 in the market. Last survey they had a large 6.9 lift so this survey it's come back a bit, still 20.3%. All workday shifts were down but, once again, still dominate. Drive remains #1 but closer to NXFM this survey. Nights was up 2.8 and now =#1 with ABC1233.

Weekends were also strong for KOFM, going up slightly to 17.7% and #1.

NXFM continue their upward trend and are up 0.5 to 14.9% and remain 2nd. Although they were back a bit in the younger demo's, there was a large spike for triple j who went up 13.2 with 18-24's.

NXFM lifted with 25-39's this survey and remain the #1 commercial station under 40.

Heidi, Heath & Normy turned around their first result loss of 5.2 to now be up 2.6 and now the #2 breakfast show on 14.8%.

NXFM mornings were down 0.7 to 12.7%, arvos down 1.8 to 15.5%, drive up 1.5 to 18.8% and nights up 2.2 after last survey's 7.1 slide, now on 13.5%.

triple j are down 0.3 and are =3rd in the market with ABC1233 on 11.1%. Their main lifts came from 10-17's, up 0.4, and 18-24's up 13.2. They remain #1 25-39. Breakfast was up 0.7 with workday steady. Drive and nights were both down.

ABC Local Radio is up 1.1 to 11.1% and now =3rd with triple j. Their big increase came with 65+, up 5.7 and #1 on 24.0%.

The breakfast 5.30am – 9am shift has slipped from 2nd to 3rd, but up 0.7 to 13.8%. The other shift highlights came in arvos, up 2.2, and nights stay #1 (but share it with KOFM) on 18.3%.

2HD gained some ground this survey, up 0.7 to 9.3%. Although they went up 2.8 with 65+, they lost the #1 spot to ABC1233. 2HD also had a good increase 55-64, up 3.3 and now 2nd on 14.6%. The main shift increase came in mornings with Lawsy up 2.2 and now 2nd on 15.4%. Nights also saw a 1.3 increase, now on 14.3%.

New FM went down slightly from 8.2% to 7.8% with breakfast down 1.1 to 7.0%. All other weekday shifts were also down. 40-54 was their main demo highlight, up 2.1 to be on 13.5% but this did see them drop from 2nd to 3rd in that demo.

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