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Survey #2 in Newcatle, the results have now been released.

See the share page HERE.



SCA’s KO FM remains on top at Number 1 all people 10+, five points clear of any other commercial station with 15.3% – a slight drop from survey one of -0.8.

The ABC brands did well. Local ABC 1233 is 2nd overall, they lost some ground but still command 11.1% of the 10+ share.  With triple j nailing 10.8% share 10+ (down -0.4 on survey 1) – that places them 3rd in the market for all stations, same as last time.

Caralis, Broadcast Operations Group brands 2HD and New FM have gained some ground. For them, 2HD is the standout with a 1.5 swing in their favour. 2HD is second in the commercial stakes (4th All stations) with 10.3%, up from 8.8 in survey one.

Their other brand, New FM is ranked 4th in the commercial race (6th overall) , with a 0.9% increase on last survey.

For SCA’s NX FM, just a dip of 0.6% puts them into single figures compared to survey one. NX secured 9.7%, down from 10.3 last round. But for NX in the commercial space they are ranked Number 3 in the market and 5th overall for all stations 10+.

In the Age demos, NX took a hit in 10-17’s (-14.7) and 18-24’s (-6.3) – but gained 1.6 in the 25-39’s.

NX has 18.9% now, which makes them Number 1 Commercial 25-39. That may have come at the expense of stable mate KO FM, who lost 4.5 of 25-39’s, now 17.4%. It’s still a strong sales case for SCA though, both their brands control over 36% of the market, when combined.

But  triple j, still maintains #1- 25-39 all stations at 21.7% (-1.7).

New FM is a little all over the shop, with rises and falls in some interesting spots. New FM had gains in 10-17’s (+7.0) to 17.5% but lost in 18-24’s. Gains in 40-54’s with small loses in 25-39’s.

In the 40 plus space, good story for KO FM, gaining in 40-54’s; up 3.1 to 24.9% of the market.  

For 2HD, they had a rise in 25-39’s – but for them it’s the 40 plus turf. 40-54’s up to 7.6%. 55-64’s also up to 9.1%. That said, KO FM still dominates the 40 plus commercial storyline for the market .

KO FM is still the market leading breakfast show. KOFM's Tanya & Steve for Breakfast lost 1.1, but still hold a dominate 16.5% share to be #1.

KO FM lost some share across the day – Mornings down a little but still #2 All Stations. Afternoon’s #1 and they can claim the #1 Drive shift for this survey again – pulling 15.7%.


Over the NX FM’s Sophie, Heath & Normy, while losing a tiny bit (-0.3); maintained 9.5% of the market, which they would be happy about.

Across the day, NX lost ground in Mornings, Afternoons, Drive and Evenings.


2HD’s Richard King can now claim the 2nd most listened too commercial breakfast shift in the Newcastle. Last time he tied with NX, he now has 10.8% an increase of 1.

2HD ‘s John Laws dominates mornings with 17.9%, the closest being KO trailing 3 points back.

2HD dims for afternoons and drive and comes back to life for Evening’s – securing the #1 spot with a 16.9% share 10+.

New FM's Kim, Sarge and Steve St John increase their breakfast share to 7%, now just 2.5 behind NX. They also had a rises across the workday with increases in mornings, afternoons and drive.

ABC1233 is still a strong breakfast player despite losing 1.5 in breakfast – a 15.1 share makes them #2 overall. The ABC had some movement across the day – good and bad. But Evenings took a hit losing over 5 points to 12.6%.

triple j is still a strong player in Newcastle – with some gains in breakfast, afternoons, drive and evenings. 


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