New advertiser tool for podcast content

Advertisers have been rightly cautious about brand safety when placing their ads programmatically on YouTube videos and podcasts. Most don’t want to get caught being associated with unsavoury or violent content. That’s why many agencies prefer to stick with trusted publishing companies for placing their ads.

Two American companies have collaborated to provide a new AI based service that claims to analyse the content of podcasts and categories them in a way that allows advertisers to safely avoid content they don’t wish to be associated with.

Powered by natural language processing, and built for the needs of media buyers, Barometer and Oxford Road’s first-of-its-kind solution is informed by the Global Advertisers for Responsible Media’s (GARM) Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework. This includes assigning risk profiles for shows and specific Podcast episodes of categories including Adult & Explicit Sexual Content, Obscenity & Profanity and Debated Sensitive Social Issues.

Barometer, an AI company that empowers teams to extract data-driven insights from their content and Oxford Road, a specialist audio advertising agency launched the new AI-powered brand suitability solution that makes it easy for marketers to assess the risk profiles of podcasts in alignment with their brand values and inform their advertising choices.

Additionally, the solution also monitors positive media behaviors, including values from Oxford Road’s Media Roundtable initiative, such as Tolerance, where advertisers can see ratings for a program’s efforts to support collaboration between parties with conflicting objectives and views.

“We are committed to providing a transparent and independent third party offering,” said Tamara Zubatiy, founder and CEO of Barometer, “The agencies and brands we serve require a solution to support diverse needs and brand values because what’s ideal for one brand is a risk for another.  Ultimately, the content insights our solution delivers help brands inform their ad choices in much the same way that consumers count on nutrition labels to guide their food choices.”

In addition to her role leading Barometer, Zubatiy is also a member of the US Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Technology Laboratory, working to forward technology standards to support responsible scaling across the industry.

Unlike existing keyword-based solutions, Barometer intelligently analyzes entire transcripts in context, interprets each utterance, and assigns a concrete risk score based on each GARM component. The data-driven content rating capability is then used to measure content-in-context across 11 content topics that may be harmful to brands. This new level of topic-modeling-based analysis references knowledge graphs the company has been building for years. The solution melds data from external sources into one intelligent contextualization algorithm for fair and meaningful podcast content rating.

The Barometer uses a dashboard to make it easy for agencies toquickly evaluate podcast content and filter podcast shows and episodes that do not align with their brand values and safety requirements. The Barometer can plug into company buying platforms and systems via API.


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