Neil Mitchell slams Alan Jones

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3AW's Neil Mitchell has today joined the chorus of people who have condemned Alan Jones comments, referring to him as a 'gorilla' who offered a weak apology.

Here is the unedited text of what Mitchell said on-air this morning on 3AW;

I hope this surprises no one who listens to this program but I believe what Alan Jones said about the Prime Minister’s late father was offensive, hateful, bitter and totally unacceptable.

We are better than that in this country, We have to be better than that.

Alan Jones, The Sydney Broadcaster, goes on about people he doesn’t like being Un-Australian. These comments to their very core are Un-Australian and the way they have been widely condemned proves it.

His apology was weak…. but I don’t like the way this is turning either.

The government is trying to link Tony Abbott to this. This is not fair. Abbott is not responsible for what this gorilla, Jones, does… but he should condemn it unequivocally and he hasn’t. He should have condemned it in stronger terms and he must do that today.

Jones should apologise properly and he hasn’t.

But all these calls to sack Jones and to silence him and everything, that is just nonsense. That is wrong. Condemn him. Don’t listen to him, but don’t turn him into a martyr.

The government is using this for political mileage.

The Prime Minister to her credit is standing above it and having nothing to do with it.

But her team, Nicola Roxon and the rest of them are using his disgraceful performance for political point scoring.

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