More than just a Mum

Former Miss World Australia and current Hot Tomato street teamer, Courtney Thorpe has launched a new Podshape podcast called, More than just a Mum.

In the podcast, Courtney details her struggles with body image, parenthood and marriage. Also hosting guests that discuss their struggles and how they’re more than just a mum.

More than just a Mum is a real and honest approach to pregnancy, babies, and the struggles of being a new mum. Discussing a variety of topics, including body image post-baby, IVF, gender disappointment and postpartum in an open, honest, safe space. Courtney shares her experiences with the highest of highs, lowest of lows and everything in between.

Upcoming guests include Liz Cantor and Kendall Gilding, influencer Kayla Boyd and breakfast radio presenter Emily Jade O’Keefe.

“Modern-day motherhood can be so unbelievably isolating and lonely, so I am really hoping this podcast helps other Mum’s to feel heard, supported and understood,” said Courtney. 

“There is so much we keep to ourselves as mums and I think it’s time we break our silence, build our villages back up and show the world that we are more than just mums!”

Katie MattinPodshape co-founder and creator said, “Courtney has faced many hurdles in the start of her parenting journey and wants to share them in the hope that other mums won’t feel alone. Many of the topics a lot of people aren’t discussing as they feel shame and Courtney wants everyone to know they’re all in the same boat! I’m super excited for people to hear this inspiring and very real approach to being ‘More than just a Mum.”

More than just a Mum is available weekly on Tuesdays on Spotify, Apple and all other podcast platforms.

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