Mix’s “biggest prize in Melbourne radio history”

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After last weeks survey result, which saw Mix 101.1 in Melbourne drop 1.4, the Group Content Director of ARN Duncan Campbell said…

"Confidence is there in the format, in the breakfast show and we've got a big major house and land promotion about to unravel which I think will benefit us as we head into the next couple of books."

Survey 7 kicked off today with Mix launching the promotion he mentioned.

Mix say this is "the biggest prize in Melbourne radio history". One listener will win a new house that Melbourne built. Each morning their breakfast show will announce the next element of the house and then listeners help by voting on what they think should be added.

Hear the launch announcement below which includes this interesting bit…

"You don't have to dig up anything…..or jump out of a plane with the hype of maybe winning"

A direct attack at recent promotions run on the Today network.

The survey break is obviously over…..

https://radiotoday.com.au/music/Mix1011 House announcement.mp3

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