Mix 102.3 announcer Jason Bodger tricks Adelaide with April Fools’ prank

Adelaide’s Mix 102.3 Weekends host Jason Bodger took advantage of April Fools’ Day recently, stoking the flames of an enduring rivalry between the Adelaide and Port Adelaide AFL teams.

The famous Showdown match between the two clubs took place in Adelaide over the weekend, with both clubs and their supporters hungry for the crown of Adelaide’s best.

In 2009, Australian Football Hall of Fame Legend, Malcolm Blight said, “There is no doubt it is the greatest rivalry in football,” so it would come as no surprise that members and supporters of respective teams take the derby seriously, and Jason used that to his advantage. 

“I’ve been doing weekends on Mix now since December and thought it was time to get a little naughty,” said Jason. 

To cause a stir, Jason resurrected the controversial 2014 attempt by Adelaide Football Club to wear the SA state-themed jumper against Port Adelaide.

The move was highly contentious and disputed by supporters and former players, with Port Adelaide chairman David Koch calling the idea “mind-bogglingly dumb.”

In the end, the decision by the SANFL was revoked, but the sting has lingered. 

With that sting in mind, Jason went to air on Mix 102.3 over the weekend and re-opened the can of worms, announcing that Adelaide would be wearing the SA state-themed jumper for Showdown 53 against Port.

“Also, the Showdown is tonight. Adelaide V Port Adelaide, we know how big it gets and some more spice has been added to the mix this morning. In fact, it was last night the AFL approved Adelaide to wear the state gurnsey for tonight’s showdown, which is going to peeve off a lot of Port supporters particularly considering it is a Port home game,” Jason said on-air.

There was a mixed reaction, but all took the bait. 

“We had callers who called both the studio and the newsroom to vent and some for confirmation. Then our new journo/newsreader, Jackie Lymn, came into the studio during the last break before midday to reveal the prank,” said Jason. 

“About half of the callers were crows supporters, who were excited we’d been allowed to wear the state colours. The other half were port fans, who called to either vent their anger at the idea or to confirm what they’d heard on the radio.”

“Of course, I did break the joke to each caller. The funniest part was that everyone took getting caught out by the gag really well except one, a crows fan, who was really hoping for it to be true.”

Listen to the audio from the prank below.

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Barry T.
3 Apr 2023 - 7:57 pm

April Fools Day falling on Showdown day must have been like catnip for Bodge! Great to see the big fella up and about again!

4 Apr 2023 - 12:32 am

Ah, so that’s where he’s got to these days! Love your work, Bodgey.

Crows suck btw!


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