Mix 101.1 vs KIIS 101.1 ?

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SInce last weeks extraordinary Sydney ratings, there has been increased speculation that a flip from Mix 101.1 Melbourne to KIIS 101.1, and the networking of the Kyle & Jackie O show into Breakfast, is inevitable. 

Herald Sun journalist Wendy Tuohy (pictured) has written about the rumours, and is clearly not a fan of Kyle Sandilands.

She has outlined her reasons why she does not believe the Kyle & Jackie O show would work in the Melbourne market in an article headlined "sorry Kyle but you're not a Melbourne kind of guy":


Kyle has insulted some of Melbourne's favourite people; ie: Magda Szubanski and Dave Hughes.


Female radio listeners in Melbourne are used to being treated with more respect than Kyle has historically given Sydney female listeners.


Melbourne has a lot of Australian Idol fans who Wendy believes will recall Kyle insulting Jess Mauboy.


Wendy believes Melbourne parents will not have forgotten that Kyle had a 14-year old girl on as part of the lie-detector segment (and we all know how that ended).

5 Wendy describes Kyle as a a bully, and Melbourne people are anti-bullying.


You can read Wendy's article in full here. She ends by asking the question; "do we really need this (Kyle)? I think the answer is 'No'".

Maybe you agree with her, perhaps you don't. Perhaps you agree that 'it is different in Melbourne', and the presentation style of radio in the markets differs accordingly.

Or maybe there are other considerations that ARN may (or may not) be mulling over.

Cons of networking

On the 'con' side, Breakfast networking has rarely worked in Australia, in part because Breakfast radio in Australia has traditionally been highly local and parochial; although Triple M's Cage did do well for a period of time as a network show.

Furthermore, Chrissie Swan in particular is a very high-profile Melbourne identity, and has emerged as a genuine cross-media platform star.

Pros of networking

On the 'pro' side, the 'Chrissie & Jane' show has consistently been the 2nd-lowest ranked FM Breakfast show in the Melbourne market. It launched two years ago with a 5.5% share, and is currently on 5.4%. Given the show is likely to cost about $1.4m or so, it is an expensive 5.4%, particularly seeing as Smooth are rating 4.3% for a show that costs less than a quarter of that.

So what would you do?

You're Ciaran Davis, or Duncan Campbell. Would you change to KIIS 101.1 and network Kyle & Jackie O into Melbourne, or would you retain the Mix 101.1 brand with a local Breakfast show?

You can vote in our poll here, and leave your rationale in the comments below.


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