Microsoft and Adobe sue Super Radio Network

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Microsoft and Adobe are suing the Bill Caralis owned Super Radio Network alleging copyright infringement over the unauthorised use of their software.

An article by Ben Grubb of Fairfax Media has revealed that 4 stations are currently being sued, including 2DU, Zoo FM, 2LF and Roccy FM, but there is a separate case against 25 other Super Radio Network stations including 2GF.

Fairfax Media have published an email that was supplied to them by Microsoft and Adobe's lawyers that shows Super Radio Network's Allan Bone telling how to disable the copyright protections Microsoft uses on Windows :-

The detail :-

2DU and Zoo FM

Adobe allege they installed at least four unlicensed copies of version 1.0 of Adobe Audition and at least three copies of version 1.5.

They allege the infringements were committed "flagrantly and deliberately…..with the intention of appropriating for their own use and benefit the property of [Adobe]…".

Microsoft is alleging the stations installed 22 unlicensed versions of Windows and 21 unlicensed versions of Office.

2LF and Roccy FM

Microsoft alleges the stations installed at least 4 unlicensed copies of Windows.

Both companies want the stations to stop using the allegedly unlicensed software and for it to be destroyed. They are also seeking damages or an amount of profits.

Microsoft and Adobe are said to still be investigating and asked for anyone with any information to report it at

Clayton Noble, attorney for Microsoft said:

"A court order application has been lodged asking the court to demand that other stations within the [Super Radio Network] produce documents about the status of their software use and whether that software is licensed."

The cases will be heard early in April.

Read more in the Sydney Morning Herald here.
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