Meet some more entrants in the 2023 Radio Today Podcast Awards


As we count down the days until judging begins, today we introduce six more contenders in the 2023 Radio Today Podcast Awards:


Rachael Hart

Category: Podcast Executive Producer of the Year

Over the past year, Rachael has served as the Executive Producer of two flagship shows on Nova Entertainment Podcast Network: Two Girls One Pod, hosted by Angie Kent and Yvie Jones, and Charlotte Crosby Always On, hosted by the Geordie Shore alumni herself.

“These remarkable experiences have not only allowed me to hone my skills but also provided an opportunity for international growth and learning,” says Rachael.

Being the Executive Producer of a show featuring a star who resides on the opposite side of the world presents its own unique challenges.

“In addition to overseeing marketing and strategic content decisions for Charlotte Crosby Always On, I undertook the task of creating and implementing an entirely new podcast recording process. This involved building and managing a partnership with a UK-based media company,” says Rachael.


Andrew Menczel

Category: Podcast Executive Producer of the Year

Andrew says he has been fortunate to Executive Produce a number of podcast series that he is proud of, from finance to True Crime.

“I enjoy the challenge that comes with working on different topics and genres.”

Highlights for Andrew include Fairground F*ck Ups – a unique internationally recognised show – and Inside the NSW Police Force, which gained unprecedented access to stories and members of the police force.

“I also love bringing smaller shows to life like In the Cave for Macquarie University which features conversations on ethics, or Hairdressing We Have a Problem, which is an exposé on the hair industry,” Andrew says.


Sam Blacker

Category: Podcast Audio Producer of the Year

Since founding The Podcast Butler in 2021, Sam has been working as an audio producer for a wide variety of podcasts.

“With a stable of clients that include She’s On The Money, So Dramatic, Seize The Yay, Feast and more, I have been incredibly busy producing in as many formats and styles as possible,” Sam says.

“What’s important to me as an audio producer is working with my show hosts to provide the most personal, specific and unique audio product possible.”

“I’ve made it my mission to understand that to a host, their podcast is incredibly special and it’s the unique sound of that podcast that makes it so special.”


Jennifer Goggin

Category: Podcast Thought Leader of the Year

Jennifer says in the past year, she’s dedicated herself to driving innovation in the Australian podcast industry through content, audience growth strategies and diversity.

Over the last 12 months her innovative thought leadership has been exemplified in two marquee podcasts she has led with the team at LiSTNR; The Children in the Pictures and You Don’t Know Me.

“I’ve always believed that if you combine accurate journalism, with the intimate and immersive storytelling nature of podcasting, that you can create engaging compelling content that has social impact and can drive change and the listeners to take action,” Jennifer says.


Del Fordham

Category: Podcast Thought Leader of the Year

Del says “The judging period for the NewsCast team was strategically important as a growth period for our audio network, developing our daily news roster, backing in our crime and investigations content and maintaining consistency with our winning podcasts post COVID.”

“The key content win during the judging period was that I launched and sat as EP on the sister podcast to The Teacher’s Pet, called The Teacher’s Trial. Through the judging period this podcast generated nearly 9 million domestic and international downloads.”

“Covering the murder trial and eventual conviction of Chris Dawson, the Teacher’s Trial is seen a seminal piece of content in the podcasting space.”

At the same time, Del launched The Australian’s daily news podcast called The Front. 


Simon Beaton

Category: The RØDE Prize

“Winning the RØDE Prize would allow me to create more dynamic content across the different projects I’m currently working across, as well as allowing me to properly upskill my personal projects and recording my own music to use in my podcasts,” Simon says.

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Big Butler fan
15 Jun 2023 - 5:42 pm

Really thrilled to see Sam Blacker doing so well.

15 Jun 2023 - 5:46 pm

So stoked to see Sam doing so well. He is killing it


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