Matty Johns to experience childbirth

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UPDATED with video below

This Wednesday, Matty Johns from the Triple M Grill Team in Sydney will be hooked up to a machine that simulates the same pains that women experience when giving birth.

Two Dutch talk show hosts experienced the feeling recently (right), as did Dr Andrew Rochford on our TV screens.

Matty's wife Trish shared just how sympathetic Matty was during child birth :-

Gus: Last week when MG was off with tooth problems, Matty we got into a chat about what's worse, childbirth or tooth problems… I've said it many times, a toothache is worse than labor.

Matty: Well Gus, luckily, I guess we'll never know!

Gus: Well that's interesting you said that, we'll never know because there's no way a bloke can be pregnant… well turns out that we can know Matty!  There is a machine that can simulate contractions and men can experience the pain of child birth… and Matty this week that machine will be strapped onto you and you will go through labour, you'll go straight into contractions, BANG, the pain will be unbelievable.

Matty: I must say I'm a little nervous, will drugs be available to me? I'm just thinking in my head all the things my wife had to go through.

Trish: He was very quiet, the first time he had a cold…  he was asking my obstetrician about what he should do for a cold, then he took the nighttime tablets as opposed to the day and kept dozing off, then he started hogging my gas!

MG: Is there any truth to the rumour that he fainted when you were having an epidural?

Trish: Of course he did!  Again… all about him.

Matty: The doctor said, 'I'm doing to give her the epidural you might want to sit down' and I said 'please, I played for Newcastle' and then I just hit the ground.

Gus: Is there any truth to the rumour that he ordered pizza…

Trish: It was three days later, he had all the nurses wrapped around his little finger, and he'd been out for a drink, and I gave him a specific curfew… he came late, the hospital was locked up, they let him in, and they let him order pizza!

UPDATE : see the video of the event …..


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