Matt & Jo’s chat with a Bandidos bikie

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This morning Fox FM's Matt & Jo chatted about the Bikie War going on in Melbourne.

They then spoke with an anonymous caller from the Bandidos about life in the group, his day job as a director of a company and the fact listening to Ke$ha is okay. He also dismissed claims there's a war brewing between them and the Hells Angels.

Matt: Alright, let’s ask you now that you’ve called in – the media are hysterical over a so called war…

Bikie: It’s a load of bulls&*t

Matt: You wouldn’t say things have escalated in the last week or two ?

Bikie: Nah, it’s always been like that, the police they’re there to do a job but if they put it out, put the media out, put the eye out, they bring the media speculation up, that puts more pressure on a bunch of blokes who just want to get together and have a beer, you know, kick back sort of thing…

Hear the full chat below….
or hear it here

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