Accused PM sandwich thrower appears on B105 and Fox

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Two SCA stations spoke with Kyle Thomson this morning, the teenager accused of throwing a sandwich at Julia Gillard yesterday while she was visiting his high school.

On Fox FM, he told Matt & Jo it wasn't him and that he was trying to save the PM from the sandwich. Tilley then suggested that maybe he should receive a bravery award.

When Jo asked about what happened, the teenager said:

"Well, the President came in…"

Matt quickly interjected and asked "The President or the Prime Minister?"

"Youse know what I meant," replied Kyle.

"Do you know where she normally hangs out, the Prime Minister?," said Matt.

"Umm…Canterbra?" but he quickly corrected himself.

Hear the full interview here (the transcript of the chat is below) :-
or hear it here

Meanwhile, B105's Labby, Stav & Abby put the teen on the line with the PM.

Gillard said, “they were very excited kids, with only one little bit of naughtiness” and that she only saw “half a sandwich on the ground as I walked past, what was really in my eye line was lots of screaming, over excited kids wanting photos and being absolutely lovely.”

When Kyle was put on the line with the PM he said: “I’d like to say I’m sorry that it's come to this like all over the news and everything but I’m innocent and I did not throw it."

The PM replied saying: “Well I think Kyle needs to have a chat with the school principal…”

Hear what happened :-
or hear it here

Matt: You must be feeling like Nelson Mandela today – just falsely accused and imprisoned for your crimes because you say that you didn’t throw the sandwich at the Prime Minister?

Kyle Thomson: Yep, that’s true.

Matt: So, why are you suspended for three weeks?

Kyle Thomson: Because apparently a teacher seen me, and they’ve taken that as evidence.

Jo: So Kyle, you’re claiming that you were saving the Prime Minister from the sandwich?

Kyle Thomson: Yeah, that’s true. It was this year tenner – I’m pretty sure he’s in year ten. Earlier, I seen him throw a sandwich, and he had another one in his hand.

Matt: Do you think you should perhaps be receiving a bravery award?  Rather than being mocked of nationally?

Kyle Thomson: That’s what I reckon.

Matt: Did you say to the teachers, ‘look, there’s TV cameras that have filmed this, do you want to go and look at the evidence before you suspend me?’

Kyle Thomson: Yeah, that’s what I said to them. He was like ‘yeah, you can do that yourself’.

Jo: You’ve got to find your own evidence? So explain Kyle, step by step, what happened?

Kyle Thomson: Well, the President came in…

Matt: The President or the Prime Minister?

Kyle Thomson: Youse know what I meant.

Jo: Yes, so the Prime Minsister came in…

Kyle Thomson: I walked up to her, everyone walked up to her, shook her hand and that. I had a couple of photos and that. And when the sandwich got thrown, I wasn’t even near that place. And later on down the path, that’s when I hit the hand.

Matt: So are your parents cross, are you in trouble, or do they think you’ve been falsely accused?

Kyle Thomson: They think I’m being accused too.

Jo: Firstly there’s two things, one – you get three weeks off, that’s not a bad thing…

Kyle Thomson: Yeah that’s the good thing, I’m looking for…

Jo: And secondly, is there not some kind of legendary status amongst your mates that you allegedly threw a sandwich at the Prime Minister?

Kyle Thomson: I’m a legend apparently, to everyone on Facebook.

Matt: Of course, but if you’re denying it – the legendary status evaporates?

Kyle Thomson: I keep saying ‘I’m not the legend and I didn’t throw it’ and they’re like ‘you’re close enough cos we can’t find the real person’…

Jo: Kyle, what do you think of the Prime Minister?

Kyle Thomson: She has a little nose, everyone exaggerates over it…and she’s a bit small.

Matt: So why do you think the ‘year tenner’, let’s just call him the year tenner, why do you think he was throwing a sandwich at the Prime Minister – were they heckling her?

Kyle Thomson: Maybe cos not many people like her?

Matt: Do you like her?

Kyle Thomson: I don’t really care about that stuff cos I can’t vote or anything.

Matt: Kyle, if you don’t like her, or don’t really care about her, why did you get the photo and the handshake?

Kyle Thomson: Cos she’s famous.

Matt: Because being famous is more important than anything else, right?

Kyle Thomson: Yeah.

Matt: Do you know where she normally hangs out, the Prime Minister?

Kyle Thomson: Umm…Canterbra?

Matt: Where?

Kyle Thomson: Canberra.

Matt: Yes, so why was she up your neck of the woods?

Kyle Thomson: She was having a public speech or something at our school.

Jo: Well, Kyle, what are you going to fill your three weeks off with?

Kyle Thomson: Umm, going to work with Dad.

Matt: You’re not going to fight to clear your name, you’re just going to cop the three weeks?

Kyle Thomson: I’d like to fight as well, but I can’t wait until the school finds out the truth, and I’d like my deputy to apologise to me.

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