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Marco Pierre White, a celebrity chef who is on the cast of MasterChef Professionals, has criticised Triple M Adelaide for 'bullying' him in an interview yesterday. The audio is below.

White was at Triple M Melbourne's studio's recording the interview down the line to the 5MMM Breakfast show – Dale Lewis, Ali Carlie, Warren Tredrea and Jon Blake (left).

Towards the end of the interview, Dale Lewis asked White about his three ex-wives, lightheartedly joking about why the marriages may have ended;

"because they can't cook, or didn't like your cooking?……Cos if you're the rude prick you come across on TV, I wouldn't be there long, that's just me surmising what I've seen on TV".

White, who appeared offended by the question ended the interview by telling White;

"I think you should say good morning to me, and good bye, (because) I take offense to being called that. I haven't shown you disrespect, I haven't been rude to you. I don't like being called that word"

After Lewis apologised for the remarks, White continued to line him up.

"Your apology is accepted. Rudeness is not having fun when it is at the expense of another person. You're a very rude man. And I hope your mother's not listening to this show today because she would not be proud of her son."

White later on told news limited;

"Why should they be allowed to bully people?……what's very sad is this is a radio show where children could be listening and to use that sort of language in front of children is wholly inappropriate."

"This is my third time in Australia in eight months and this is the first time anyone has shown me rudeness or disrespect. I just excused myself and left."

Hear the audio below.


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