Mark Irvine: A Fortunate Man

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He’s playing it down, but Mark Irvine is a very lucky man.  Last month, the former 3XY and Triple M legend suffered a brain aneurism that landed him in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The good news is that he’s well and truly on the road to recovery, but in typical Irvy style, he’s playing down the seriousness of the incident.

“I guess it was a pretty big deal, I mean it was a stroke, but I haven’t treated it as a big thing. I’m not terribly worried about it, but everyone else was”.

“It was like the most intense headache, except it only went for 15 seconds and then I fell on the floor.  I got up after a minute or two and thought I’d better go to the doctor”.

“They had a look at me and sent me to the hospital on the Gold Coast pretty fast and then they sent me to Brisbane via ambulance”.

After a stay lasting 10 days, Irvy was released from hospital last week and is now recuperating at home.

But that doesn’t mean he’s lying back and taking it that easy.  He’s already back at work and doing his voice-overs.

“Na, I’m fine now. I’ve still got some double vision, but that will dissipate over time.  And I’m off the smokes.  I’ve sorted of wanted to give up for a while.  But being basically asleep for a week, the nicotine is out of my system”.

Mark’s been given a clean bill of health provided he loses another 10 kilos, brings down the blood pressure and stays off the cigarettes.

And he’s thanked his many friends in radio, who’ve sent him their well-wishes.

“Yeah, it meant a lot.  And I’m all good now”.



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