Margie Hartley celebrates 100 episodes of Fast Track

Anyone looking to sharpen their leadership psychology and career needn’t look further.

LiSTNR’s Fast Track: Career Conversations with Margie Hartley celebrates its 100th episode milestone today with a look at some of the best career advice from professionals in their fields. 

Topics range from working with jerks to the art of teamwork.

Hosted by executive coach, Margie Hartley, the podcast delivers career insights from CEOs and business leaders as Margie discusses the challenges preventing people in the corporate world from advancing their careers and how to overcome them.

The 100th episode highlights five of Margie’s most interesting guests and topics from the series including:

• How to build Psychological Safety with Amy Edmondson, Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School

• Dealing with jerks at work with Professor Tessa West, Associate Professor of Psychology at New York University

• The art of teamwork with John Eales, former Australian rugby union great and the most successful captain in the history of Australian rugby

• The pursuit of perfect with Tal Ben Shahar, the positive psychology and leadership author and lecturer of the most popular course in Harvard University’s history

• Being the coaching leader with Travis Kemp, an organisational and coaching psychologist.

In the episode, rugby great John Eales imparts his advice.

“If you don’t understand how people work best, well then, you’re never going to be able to get the best out of them. And we all bring to the table different personalities, different life experiences, different objectives. But I think it’s incredibly important to know the people that you’re with and actually get to know them as people before you get to know them as positions in the team,” said Eales.

On reputation, Professor Tessa West says we may be in the dark about perceptions of us at work. 

“We’re a little bit clueless in how other people see us, in fact, most of us don’t know what our reputations are at work. We’re very inaccurate knowing what other people think of us so we’re not getting the feedback and if we are getting the feedback, we’re not attending to it so we’re not correcting those bad behaviours,” said Professor West.

The time has flown for Margie Hartley, and having the opportunity to improve people’s work lives has been a fruitful experience.

“The purpose of Fast Track was always to give people access to inspiring, motivating ideas, thinking and experience about careers and their work life. I’m so grateful to the extraordinary guests and the team at LiSTNR for making that happen. I’m also thankful to all the listeners who share and contribute. This experience at LiSTNR has been one the best of my career! One hundred episodes flew by. I hope we can continue to contribute to everyone’s working life,” said Hartley.

Fast Track: Career Conversations with Margie Hartley is available on the free LiSTNR app.

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