Manly Men Cry Too: Aussie celebs open up in new Hit92.9 video

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Hit92.9 is pushing the message that it’s OK for men to express their feelings, and it is OK to ask for help if you’re struggling.

A number of Aussie celebrities have jumped on board to support Heidi, Will & Woody in their mission to remove the stigma around men showing emotion.

Danny Green, Illy, Peking Duk, Tom Hawkins, Shannon Noll, Pete Murray, Jeremy McGovern, Grant Denyer and Mitch Johnson have opened up about the last time they cried.

In a raw and real face-to-camera montage, each Aussie bloke explains his history with showing emotion, be it tears of happiness or sadness.

“My pet Laura Kite had died and I instantly went in the water. I was shattered,” explains Danny Green.

“When I went and saw my daughter’s first musical,” remembers Grant Denyer.

“I tend to cry before the Mrs does a lot of the time but I’m not ashamed of that,” says Shannon Noll.

“If a man’s crying and they’re not worried about anyone seeing it, that’s strong,” claims Green.

The video comes after Will & Woody sat down to openly discuss the role male depression plays in their friendship, resulting in Woody confessing for the first time how it felt to watch Will struggle.

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