Make Sure Every Promotion Hits The Target-Every Time!

The biggest problem with radio’s promotion (and contesting) efforts is the lack of definitive objectives. We launch a campaign and throw it on the air. Even if it sounds good, it may have no impact on real listeners.

1: Build awareness. Does it attract attention?

2: Enhance your image. Does it cause consumers to feel better about you?

3: Drive tune-in occasions. Is there a call to action that delivers 1/4 hours?

4: Build your database. Do you learn more about your audience for the future?

In other words, everything you do should be designed to deliver ratings, build your brand or increase your reach.

A great promotion achieves all of those goals, but if it doesn’t move the needle on at least one, you have to say no. Oh, and if the promotion also generates revenue, so much the better. But revenue should not be primary reason for promoting.

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