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Gary Hardgrave, Drive Presenter on 4BC Brisbane and Sky News Commentator on the Paul Murray Show, has been expelled from the Liberal National Party in Queensland.

Hardgrave is a former politician in the Howard government and has accused the LNP Executive of seeking to control what he says on his radio program. He was advised this week by the LNP in writing of his expulsion.

You can read Hardgraves statement below.

“I can confirm I have received a letter which states the LNP State Executive have chosen to expel me from the Party.

“This comes as a result of them taking exception to a number of comments I made in connection with my work within the media as a Radio Presenter for 4BC.

“My brand of commentary is based on my experience and personal values. A few within the LNP Executive have sought to control me and in fact even suggested I should consult the LNP Constitution before I broadcast each day. Complaints about what I say can be directed to the Station Manager but the LNP Executive has chosen to try and pressure me on a number of occasions directly.

“The decision of the Executive to expel me seems out of touch with the perception many have about my radio commentary and certainly seems at odds with the genuine friendship and support I continue to enjoy with members of the Parliamentary Party, Federal and State, as well as many local Councillors in Brisbane and beyond.

“The election of the Newman Government has seen an enormous power shift from the Party Organisation to the Premier and his leadership Group.  Faceless people within the Party Organisation have used me as example as they struggle for relevance.  They seem in a parallel universe satisfying themselves of their own importance.

“A Group Madness (Folie a deux) has now enveloped the LNP Executive. This is more a reflection on the current Executive than me and their decision undermines further their suitability to be the custodians of the Liberal Franchise in Queensland.”

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