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Last week, SCA announced that Jane Gazzo was joining the on air line-up at Triple M Melbourne.  With an extensive background in TV and radio both here and in the UK, Jane will be move into the morning slot.

It’s a great get for Triple M – a strong female voice on a station that had been accused of being too blokey.  But it begged the question: what’s happened to “Dangerous” Dave Williams?

Easily one of the most liked guys on air in Melbourne, Dave has been behind the microphone from 9am-12pm for the best part of nine years at Triple M, earning a dedicated band of listeners, who appreciate his quick sense of humour and an inclusive style of ‘announcing’.

The good news is, Dave hasn’t been ‘boned’ or relegated to the late, late, late shift.  He has, in fact, been given an expanded on-air role in afternoons and as anchor of The Rush Hour with James Brayshaw and Billy Brownless.

“An opportunity came up and I thought ‘why not’.  Change is good and I’m ready for a change; a life style change.  It won’t be getting up at 6 and being at work at 7. It’ll be sleeping in, dropping the kids off at school, exercising before work – I’m looking forward to that”.

But don’t expect Dave to go all rock ‘n roll now that he’s doing drive.

“No, I’ll continue on with the ‘dangerous’.  I mean, you don’t get more dangerous than a man in comfortable shoes and a nice pair of slacks….”.

“Mind you, JB has never once called me ‘Dangerous Dave”.  He calls me “least Dangerous Dave”.. because he reckons I’m the least most dangerous person that he’s ever come across, which is part of the irony…”

Dave moves out of mornings and into afternoons/drive from Monday March 16th.  

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