Lawsie questions caller on sexual abuse

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John Laws has caused a stir over his line of questioning to a female caller, Carol, about the details of her sexual abuse (according to a Daily Telegraph article here).

She discussed the abuse by her father, brothers and uncles from the age of 6 until she was 16.

Listen to the full interview below and see what you think of John's handling of the call…..

This afternoon Laws has spoken to the Daily Telegraph and stood by his interview, saying the woman "was glad that it was able to be brought out".

"The woman rang back to say that she didn't object in any way to any of my questions. The only thing that matters to me is that she wasn't offended. It didn't bother her."

What about those that are drawing comparisons between his questioning and the Kyle rape victim interview from 2009 ? Laws said:

"I was talking to a grown woman, he was talking to a kid."

But Laws did apologise.

"I'm not out to offend people but if I did, obviously I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention."

About the issue being blown up he said: "having a whack at John Laws is a national sport, particularly (by) other broadcasters who haven't enjoyed the same success that I have"

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