Last Drinks with Maz Compton

Radio personality Maz Compton has launched her new sobriety awareness podcast, Last Drinks with Maz Compton

Maz made the change to go sober in 2015 after noticing a creeping dependence that needed to be put under control.

Through the podcast, Maz wants to inform Australians and change the culture around drinking. 

“Australians have complex emotions around booze,” said Maz.

“Why do we get offended if our mate passes up having a drink with us? I want to empower people to redefine their relationship with alcohol by sharing my sobriety story as well as talking to others about how they have navigated life without alcohol.”

Maz Compton is a TV and radio host who has lived her life in the fast lane. 

From MTV, to the heights of a national radio show. Maz’s life on paper was on target, but her relationship with alcohol was off kilter. 

Maz had her last drink on NYE 2014 and wants to share the joy and empowerment sobriety can bring each person by having honest conversations about how to navigate a good life without alcohol. 

Acast has given Maz the reigns, letting her take total control of the content.

“I’ve worked in broadcast media for decades, but this is the first time I have had complete autonomy over the content I want to share with the world,” said Maz.

Guy Scott-Wilson, Creator Network Director, Acast Australia and New Zealand, says Acast aims to keep the creators in the drivers seat.

“As the home of independent podcasts, our mission is to be as creator-centric as we possibly can, said Guy.

“By partnering with Acast, Maz has the freedom and tools to develop and grow valuable listener relationships, while ensuring that she retains complete creative control — something we know is particularly appealing to creators with backgrounds in traditional broadcasting.”

As part of its commitment to the open podcast ecosystem, Acast makes Last Drinks accessible to listeners on all podcast platforms, including Apple PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicGoogle PodcastsSamsung Free and more.

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