Kyle on Rove & Sam: Hear It in Full

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Kyle and Jackie O returned on KIIS 106.5 with Snapchat, a caller just happened to ask Kyle if he had listened to 2Day FM’s Rove and Sam.

Now Kyle was quick to highlight that “Rove and I are not friends…”, so how long does Kyle give Rove & Sam?

“This is not me being an asshole”, said Kyle…. “ …. he sounds like a guy on 2UE with a giggling girl”

Kyle goes onto say:

“Rove will stay at least for a year.”

“They’ll blame that poor girl for the bad ratings …….and they’ll replace her…..”

“She doesn’t have the radio skills.”

Intern Pete also piped up saying he was approached for a gig on 2Day FM…. With Kyle then saying “It’s true, they are gathering all the duds to put them into the one place.”

Welcome to Survey #1 for 2016!

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