Kyle & Jackie O take aim at 2DayFM’s revolving door of Breakfast hosts

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Kyle and Jackie O have never been the type to play things subtly, and in just their third show of the year for 2018, they took aim squarely at their former station 2DayFM.

The pair, who topped the FM Breakfast ratings for 2017 on KIIS 106.5 with a record-breaking 12.1%, used one of their listener games to take a dig at their former employers.

Each day Kyle and Jackie O have listeners call in to answer five questions in ten sections, given a specific category.

This morning the first category was five breakfast shows that have been on 2DayFM since they finished in 2013.

“In 10 seconds, name five breakfast shows that have been on 2DayFM since we’ve left,” said Jackie, as Kyle chuckled in the background.

“I don’t even listen to 2DayFM, I only listen to you guys, so I have no idea … I’m a KIIS girl,” said the caller.

“You haven’t read about them? Seen the signs?” queried Kyle.

“I’m a KIIS girl,” the caller responded.

“Oh gees, I feel like just giving you the prize for that alone,” Jackie O replied.

Kyle agreed, and they gave the woman the $1000 shopping spree at House Of K’dor.

Since Kyle and Jackie O’s departure in 2013, 2DayFM have infamously attempted a new Breakfast team every year, kicking off with Merrick Watts, Jyles Lund, Mel B and Sophie Monk in 2014.

They were followed by Dan Debuf and Maz Compton, then Rove McManus and Sam Frost.

2018 has seen another new  lineup with Em Rusciano, Grant Deneyer and Ed Kavalee giving the seemingly-cursed slot a go.

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1 Feb 2018 - 6:07 pm

The station that made them, they’re now bagging it. How disrespectful of them and why am I not surprised. You should probably be grateful to the ones that gave you guys the fame in the first place! Entitled aholes.


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