KO-FM dominate Newcastle Survey

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The Newcastle GFK Survey 1 has been released this morning with KO-FM the big winner, adding 3% 10+ to be a clear #1 on 16.1%.

Stablemate NX has also had a strong result, adding 1.1% to move to a 12 share and second place, following by ABC1233 who fell 4 points to 11.7. 

Triple J is 4th on 11.4, 2HD 5th jumping to 11.2, and New FM has fallen back to a distant last place on 8.7%.

For SCA the demos couldn’t have been ordered any better. NXFM dominates under 40 and KOFM dominates over 40, although there is the slight strange result of KOFM being #1 in teens, the classic mother/daughter ratings pattern showing. KOFM wins most dayparts, aside from Mornings where 2HD gets the win, and evenings where 2HD and ABC tie.

Overall a strong result for SCA, a softer one for ABC1233 and Triple J, a strong 2HD result, and a poor one for New FM.

Full results below (click to enlarge).


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