KIIS Melbourne still ‘yet to sign’ PJ’s replacement

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Despite rumours doing the rounds in the mainstream media that the Australian Radio Network (ARN) is set to imminently announce the new KIIS Melbourne Breakfast team, the network insists it has not even signed the new team member yet.

Polly ‘PJ’ Harding is leaving next month, leaving Jase Hawkins without a co-host.

At the time of her resignation in March, ARN said it was looking forward to an “exciting announcement” about the future of the show “in the coming weeks”.

Some time ago, Radio Today speculated Summer Breakfast host Lauren Phillips could be in the running for the gig, with a few other names also in the mix.

Then this week, the rumour reappeared in News Corp’s Herald Sun, with the paper saying Phillips “is a smart and logical choice for the role” given her deep connection to TV, sport and social circles in Melbourne.

ARN, however, has said that not only is it not ready to announce Harding’s replacement, the talent hasn’t even signed on yet.

“We are looking forward to making an announcement soon as to who will be joining Jase Hawkins on the KIIS 101.1 Breakfast show, but at this stage PJ ‘Polly’ Harding’s replacement is yet to be signed,” a spokesperson told Radio Today in response to the media reports.

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Not Speculation
19 May 2021 - 1:45 pm

It’s Lauren. Just hasn’t physically signed the contract.

19 May 2021 - 2:55 pm

according to their podcast today, Jase and the program bosses are meeting with the new host today to sign the contract

Andrew Ferguson
19 May 2021 - 3:39 pm

Seems Kate Langbroek didn’t want it. . . .

If it is Lauren, don’t see it making much of a difference.

Love to Sing
19 May 2021 - 3:48 pm

I think you have missed the big new from HT&E the parent company of ARN today – check out the ASX – cashed up and ready to pounce


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