How to Win the Ratings – The Breakfast Show Blueprint – Series Continues

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Greg Smith continues his series of articles – "How to Win the Ratings – The Breakfast Show Blueprint".

Greg's guest for Part 11 this week has 25 years of programming and consulting in such markets as: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Washington D.C., Denver, Honolulu Hawaii, Seattle, Miami, London, Sydney, Melbourne, and other markets.  You know it will be good!

You can read part 1 with Jon Coleman, part 2 with Todd Wallace, part 3 with Randy Lane, part 4 with Brad March, part 5 with Rad Messick, part 6 with Dave Charles, part 7 with Mark Ramsey part 8 with Tracy Johnson  part 9 with John Parikhal and part 10 with Steve Reynolds.

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