Kate, Tim & Marty, captive on a plane with 48 others – Mission Possible?

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KT&M are taking their show Sky High on July 30. With a bunch of prime seats up for grabs, the Nova guys have got themselves a swish business class jet and they will be doing their show live from 40,000 feet (give or take).

 Kate, Tim & Marty said, “We can’t wait to take 48 people into the sky to do our show, and crack a few mini wines. The three of us have been dying to get high together, and to do it in business class is even better.”

To get on board, they have a select criteria they are gunning for with their passengers:

1. Bad passengers: Have you seen one, or were you one?

2. Think you can do a good pilot impersonation? We want you to be a contestant in a mid-air game of Pilot Karaoke…

3. Never been on a plane? We’re looking for the oldest person to have never been on a plane, so we can take you on your maiden voyage!

The NE promo is tied to the latest Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

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