Kate Langbroek secures the bargain buy of Russell Crowe’s divorce auction

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Hughesy and Kate were one of a slew radio shows to have made bids on items at Russell Crowe‘s ‘The Art Of Divorce’ auction over the weekend.

Most items in the auction sold for around their estimated price, or higher, but Kate revealed that she managed to secure the bargain of the auction.

Her friend Georgie was sent along on her behalf to bid on a painting that ended up selling way over the estimate.

Not to be deterred, Kate’s proxy then won the bidding on a six panel Italian painted leather screen, which while listed for $25-35K, ended up selling for a meagre $5,000.

Apart from the price, Kate’s biggest shock came with just how big the screen was.

“I think we’re going to have to get a new house,” she said.

“That was the great thing, when i told you that we got it, you said ‘what was it again?'” added Georgie.

Hear all about how it went down, below.

Another successful purchase was made by The Grill Team, who bought the 2001 Mercedes-Benz S500 that was used in Crowe’s wedding to his former wife Danielle Spencer.

Fitzy and Wippa started their own crowdfunding campaign to try and buy the chariot from Gladiator – but ultimately couldn’t raise enough funds.

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