Kalgoorlie Ratings: Hit 97.9 and Allan & Michelle surge ahead

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The radio market in Western Australia’s Kalgoorlie region has a clear leader, with Hit 97.9 surging 10.5 points.

When a survey was last conducted in July 2017, 35.8% of people said they listened to the Hit Network station the most. This survey, it was 46.3%.

On the flipside, fellow SCA station, Triple M Goldfields 981, slipped 8.4 points to 22.4%.

The third most popular station in the region was the ABC’s triple j, up 3.3 points to 13.5%. Most other ABC stations took a fall in the region, however, with ABC Goldfields down 4.1 points to 8.2%, ABC RN down 0.8 to 1.5%, and ABC Classic down 0.8 to just 0.2%. ABC News Radio had a slight climb from 0.3% to 0.6%.

These trends were largely repeated in Breakfast, as the Hit Network’s state-based WA program Allan & Michelle, with Allan Aldworth and Michelle Anderson, up 10.0 points to 47.4%.

Hit 97.9 was untouchable in all day parts, with its biggest climb occurring in Mornings, when it climbed 15.9 points to 45.4%.

Triple M, meanwhile, suffered declines in all day parts.

Sebastian Clarke’s Seb For Breakfast was down 7.6 points to 21.0%. Clarke only joined the program recently. A previous program was helmed by Glenn Wilson, known as Glenney For Breakfast. 

ABC’s Breakfast program was down 3.5 points to 10.3%.

Despite the massive gains in terms of people who say they listen to the station the most, Hit 97.9 was only up 100 in terms of cumulative audience to 16,500. Triple M, meanwhile, was down 5,200 to 9,700, and the ABC was down 2,000 to 4,900.

Allan & Michelle’s audience was actually down 1,400 to 12,600, but this was a smaller decline than both Triple M (down 5,000 to 6,700) and the ABC (down 2,400 to 3,100).

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Can you guys please play some different songs like you’s are constantly playing the same old stuff like play a bit more fresh country and hip hop and stuff


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