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Jules Lund has presented on social media at the CRA conference today, and we’ll run through a few of his key points below.

At last years conference, Jules spoke about how they curated content for the Fifi and Jules show, the aim was to generate as many eyeballs as possible and hit them with personal content.

This enabled SCA to reach millions of people every week. But something happened.

“The world caught up and everyone was spammed. Facebook changes the game, they detected viral content and they could block it”

Suddenly, according to him, everything Jules covered at the 2013 CRA conference was redundant.

“Our engagement across the board was so low. I hired a full time in cartoonist and animated the world’s biggest headlines”

The organic reach, when you don’t pay for your content to be pushed out, on every single brand page dropped to an average of 2 percent.

“How do you reach more?  Write  a cheque to Facebook! Genius” Mark Zuckerberg. We are now in an era of Big Data ..not just social platform that are tracking you.

Clive Dickens talks about the future of a data rich world… Those who are happy to share their data…and those who are not.”

What is ours? (future)

They are no longer giving us free kicks.

Jules talked about Digital Teams expanding. We have specialists in graphic design and writing, but they are not bringing in the cash. They get their our money by getting people to the website with banner ads.

“Click baiting” on Facebook is going to be eliminated .. using social media to bring people to your website is dying”


Jules then spoke about the Pay Per Post Model and the implications.

1: Legal Obligations

2: Betrayal of trust

3: Content versus commerce

Legal Obligations and Implications:

We have already seen the Cash for comment in traditional media.

Here are come Survival Tips in the new world

1: Be truthful – views opinions and experiences

2: Write them yourself

3: Ensure the brand fits

4: Disclose payment

Betrayal of Trust:

“Generation Like” = people will spot or give a shit.

No care that influencers profit from them The biggest focus soon from a follower is how they will profit from their own followers.

Content vs. Commerce

“It is really hard … if you don’t get the balance right you both lose.”

Over protective Brands, often have too many cooks. Needs to be a brand match, when you match up with a brand you use.. it fits.

We (SCA) are geared to thrive.. we are smashing it in social

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