Jonesy & Amanda prepare for move to new HQ with Jam-Tiques Roadshow


After more 18 years broadcasting together from Macquarie Park, Jonesy & Amanda are bidding farewell to their current studio as they prepare to make the move to their brand new headquarters in North Sydney.

To commemorate their final day, the popular breakfast duo are hosting a live event, aptly named the Jam-Tiques Roadshow Auction, on Thursday, March 28.

The auction will feature an array of unique memorabilia accumulated over the years, providing fans with the opportunity to own a piece of Jonesy & Amanda history (whilst helping to clear out the storage cage!)

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Amanda says “This is our last week in this building that we’ve been in since our show began. And, Brendan, you were here longer than that. So we’re going to be moving to fabulous new premises that we’re excited about.”

Jonesy says “I have mixed emotions about moving out of our facility here at North Ryde. I remember I came here in 2003 and they said, this is a state-of-the-art facility, but we’re only going to be here for two years, and then we’re going to go to Pyrmont. And I went, oh, that’s nice. I’d like to go to Pyrmont and we’re still here.”

Items up for grabs include:

  • Jonesy & Amanda’s office bar fridge – Charming in character and cool in substance, this fridge includes a leftover container with a Greek salad and a post-it note signed with the message: If you take my lunch, I’ll punch you in the head.
  • A SMEG coffee machine – The wind beneath the wings of the breakfast radio announcer.
  • Jonesy & Amanda tea towel set – Can be used to clean up spills or wipe bottoms with equal triumph.
  • The Gnome Bum Cookie Jar – The lid on the jar is the gnome’s porcelain buttock, naked, raised toward the heaven
  • TikTok Tucker Pan – Use the pan that has seen such meals as the Noodle Meatloaf with Skittles

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