Jones ‘if this is the new Australia, we are all at risk’

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This morning, Alan Jones has talked about 2GB suspending all advertising from his program.

Hear the full audio below….

He has commented on Russell Tate's statement on the weekend (see here), the research 2GB conducted, the petitioners, and what it is doing to the "60% of the advertisers on this program (that) are struggle street people" who are facing this "modern form of corporate sabotage."

Jones said, "it is unprecedented to suspend advertising on a show such as this until further notice"

Talking about the petition he said there is "no limit to the amount of times one person can sign the petition….no one objects to an old fashioned petition. What we are objecting to is to mis-direct anger and the ambush of our advertisers….If this is the new Australia, then we are all at risk"

"What they don't have the right (or shouldn't have the right) to do, is to decide for our listeners who and what they are going to hear on this radio station and who our listeners choose to listen to. And they don't have the right (or shouldn't have the right) to decide for Australian companies which media outlets they will or won't use to advertise their products and services."

"They don't have the right to attempt cyber bullying of people who listen to this program or advertise on it. They don't have the right to censor this network or the people who listen to it or the companies who choose to advertise on it. "

"Just what is going on in the Australia of today ? If this behaviour is allowed to continue, it is a dark place"

Hear the full audio….
or hear it here


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