Court documents reveal Jay Walkerden’s six-figure salary

Former Publisher

After disappearing from Nova in a cloud of mystery last March, former radio boss Jay Walkerden has filed a claim with the District Court over unpaid wages.

In the documents, obtained by The Courier-Mail, Walkerden alleges Nova 106.9 Pty Ltd breached his employment contract by failing to pay the executive $216,316.

The business owes him the money because they failed to provide the required six months notice when they sacked Walkerden “with immediate effect” on March 16, court documents state.

Talking to Radio Today on Tuesday night, a NOVA Entertainment spokesperson said they are yet to be served with any proceedings and therefore cannot comment at this time.

Walkerden claims he was pocketing $336,033 per year as the station’s general manager and head of podcasting and had worked for the radio station for eight years and 28 weeks.

The documents also reveal bonuses for survey wins, up to $32,000 each year.

As reported on March 4, Walkerden was under “internal investigation” following an alleged incident with a member of the Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie breakfast show while in the US.

Nova was in California as guests of the San Francisco Travel Association, San Francisco International Airport and Visit California.

Radio Today understands that Brendan Taylor, the network’s group program operations director, is overseeing the Brisbane station in the interim.

After Survey 1 results, programming and marketing chief Paul Jackson declined to comment when asked about Walkerden’s employment status.

“That’s ongoing and not something I can talk about at this stage,” Jackson told Radio Today. “At the moment, Brendan Taylor is there and across the product and day-to-day.”


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