Jase & PJ are playing tennis on the Yarra for 12 hours

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UPDATE: After abandoning Friday’s effort when the mercury hit 40 degrees, Jase & PJ are trying again to complete the 12 hours of tennis.

ORIGINAL STORY: KIIS 101.1’s Breakfast duo have developed a reputation for testing the limits of human endurance on the radio.

Their latest effort saw Jase & PJ broadcast live from a floating tennis court on the Yarra river on Friday morning.

Following the broadcast, they began a marathon 12-hour tennis match, thanks to Tennis Australia.

Complete with lifeguards decked out in red and yellow surf safety gear, who are also doubling as ball boys.

PJ’s mum started out as the referee, and then James Blunt came in for a stint.

As of 12:30pm, the score was 22 games to 21, with PJ in the lead. With the weather set to reach 43 degrees today, will they last?

Check out the live broadcast below:

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31 Jan 2020 - 2:37 pm

Update – they had to stop just after 2pm as the weather in Melbourne is over 38 degrees so they are going to do it all over again from 9am Monday

1 Feb 2020 - 12:16 pm

I landed at 1:15:40 to hear Jase drop the F word and apologise. Lucky they weren’t on air!

3 Feb 2020 - 7:34 am

When will talent and the networks learn that doing cheesy stunts doesn’t build listenership. Get the on air content right and the listeners and ratings will follow.

3 Feb 2020 - 9:33 am

Hey @paul, you do realise the most consumed content for people in KIIS’ demo is online?

It’s literally nothing but cheesy stunts there.

In 2020, it’s not just radio you have to compete with, it’s literally every form of entertainment.

Jase and PJ are bloody killing it. Good luck guys


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