Jase & Lauren top podcast charts ahead of first show today


Nova 100’s new Breakfast team of Jase & Lauren officially went to air for the first time this morning, and it’s been an incredible build up, in more ways than one.

On their first day on air, the team spoke about their route to the Nova airwaves.

Before the studio mics were even switched on today, the show had already topped the Apple Podcast charts in Australia, after the team released a number of bonus episodes in the lead up to their first show.

In the podcast eps, Jase talks about getting familiar with new producer Brodie, Lauren makes demands for their new office (she doesn’t want a desk, just a reclining armchair) and – along with Clint Stanaway  – they talk about those dreaded early morning wake up calls:

Jase: So look, we are getting ready show number one tomorrow.

Clint: Yes!

Lauren: Don’t! I’m so nervous I’m not gonna wake up!

Jase: Oh first to sleep in! You don’t want to be …  for me it’s okay because I live just down the road.

Clint: You two slept in every second day towards the back end of our reign at the other joint!”

Jase & Lauren can be heard from 6am to 9am on Nova 100 in Melbourne. Listeners can stream the show live or catch up with the daily podcast by downloading the Nova Player.


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8 Mar 2024 - 8:49 am

Funny how did that happen. Obviously every Nova staff member downloaded the podcast for the launch, cos it never did well before.

ARN are getting worrrrrried
8 Mar 2024 - 9:41 am

I think people underestimate how powerful a tool spite is. Melbourne REALLY hates Kyle, so i wouldn’t be surprised if it was in response to that.

Also they’re funny and good at their jobs

8 Mar 2024 - 4:34 pm

Exactly. A lot of people ive spoken to were not happy about how they were treated. While this is the nature of the industry, that may have been it. But to be axed the way they were to make way for K&JO (or possibly any networked from Sydney show), that unlocks a particular level of spite.

John Kool
9 Mar 2024 - 11:43 am

Im in Melbourne and turned off Jase n Lauren 12 months ago because they are not funny, so I been listening to Kyle n Jackie O ever since via the app. Just my opinion but I think a lot of people will be surprised just how much Melbourne will tune in to KIIS brekky.

9 Mar 2024 - 9:18 pm

It’s because they have a genuine following of people that actually missed them being on the airwaves.

Tammy Snelling
9 Mar 2024 - 9:26 pm

Im on there band wagon and will be listening to you guys. Blocking those other Sydney pair.

12 Mar 2024 - 1:38 pm

Jase, Lauren and Clint are the best trio!

I started with the Jase and PJ show when they arrived in Melbourne, and it was exactly what I was after. I just wanted down to earth hosts who were funny as, and I certainly wasn’t hearing it anywhere else! The tears from laughing so much is something I haven’t experienced from another show in the last 20 odd years of listening to the morning time slot on the way to work each morning.

I’m loving Jase, Lauren and Clint so much also. They also provide the tears from laughing so much. They have great banter and always willing to help Melburnians in times of need.

They really are the best on radio!

13 Mar 2024 - 9:35 am

That didn’t last long. I just checked the rankings and they’re at #45.


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