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Yesterday saw the curtain come down on Chrissie and Jane on MIX 101.1.

It brought to a close a 3 year On-Air partnership between the two. As we all know, Chrissie Swan departed the breakfast show and ARN on Friday.

Jane Hall will return in 2015 with new On-Air partner Matt Tilley.

KIIS 101.1 will launch on January 19, all was announced 3 weeks ago, so was Jane aware of Chrissie’s impending exit?



“Everyone was in the dark. This was a total surprise,” Jane Hall told the Herald Sun today.

Radio turns on a dime and you can be running along thinking everything’s doing terrifically well and then all of a sudden the goalposts have moved and someone upstairs has made a decision that has to be carried through”

Since Chrissie’s departure from ARN was made public, how did Jane and Chrissie work through the last few weeks?, she told the Sun Herald:

“Yes (it has been difficult), of course there was confusion and awkwardness. But nothing has been engineered from either one of us. It has purely been a business decision and it could have gone either way.”

“First and foremost we are friends and that hasn’t been affected,” she says.

“When we met each other it was like, ‘Boom’, it was kind of like a love affair that blossomed. We became great firm friends and we both know that this had nothing to do with either of us", she told the paper.

January 19 will see MIX re-brand to KIIS 101.1.  While not giving too much away Jane said she is looking forward to working with Matt Tilley in the New Year.

“Matt is a team player, he likes to work with strong women and we know each other,” Hall says. “We’ve mixed in similar circles, he and I are cut from the same cloth as people. He’s a family man with a strong moral compass and a great work ethic, very like me, and I think we’ll be a great team.”

You can read the full story with Jane Hall in the Herald Sun.


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