It’s BB04 all over again for Fitzy

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Poor Fitzy has spent 8 years trying to live down his time in the Big Brother house, but today it has come back to haunt him.

Over the past 17 days of the Olympics, Nova 969 had a guy living in a shop window on George St in Sydney watching all the action.

As soon the guy came out, Wippa forced Fitzy to live in there for 24 hours, watching Big Brother on 9 TV screens and doing challenges set by the real BB.

While he was in lockdown, Wippa took it upon himself to marry Fitzy's wife BJ in front of him.

You can watch him hanging out live here

There doesn't seem to be much action at the moment, with Fitzy just sitting there. One viewer commented "im more entertaining when i am sitting on the toilet."

Just be warned – there are no MLS (Massive Loser Squad) t-shirts or shower scenes in this lockdown.

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