Indira Naidoo wants “wage fairness”

ABC Radio Sydney Evenings host Indira Naidoo has thrown her hat in the ring for the staff elected position on the ABC Board. 

She said she would put wage fairness at the front of her priorities if elected and challenge the ABC’s decision to relocate parts of the office from Ultimo to Parramatta.

In an email to ABC staff, revealed in The Australian newspaper, she said, “Many staff simply can’t afford to live on an ABC wage anymore. Fighting for you for wage fairness will be my priority.”

“…I am very concerned by some of ABC management’s recent decisions including to relocate some of its radio and TV divisions from its Sydney Ultimo headquarters to a not-fit-for-purpose office block in Parramatta.

“It will cause untold chaos to program production, put acute daily commuting pressures on staff and interview guests and damage the quality of program-making. Not to mention the phenomenal cost of the relocation at a time when staff have been denied a fair and timely wage increase and EA negotiations drag on interminably.” 

Laura Tingle has also out her name forward for the board position, along with other candidates including news presenter Dan Bourchier, reporters Daniel Ziffer and Peter Ryan, and Four Corners reporters Paul Farrell and Stephen Long.

The current staff-elected representative Jane Connors will conclude her five-year term in April.

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6 Feb 2023 - 6:16 pm

If staff can’t live on the tax payer funded ABC wage, then they are quite welcome to take up a job somewhere else.

7 Feb 2023 - 1:16 pm

The ABC was always the radio station that funded jobs the best! Think about all these poor kids in regionals making barely enough money to get by…

8 Feb 2023 - 12:19 pm

I’d suggest the entire industry wants wage fairness… I still hear many stories from friends and colleagues in commercial radio still being undercut by greedy General Managers.

A light read for anyone that may have missed it >>


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