Hughesy’s live show marred by audience arrests

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Dave Hughes’ stand-up show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival lived up its name, with a Hairy incident seeing several audience members evicted.

A group of multiple rowdy attendees were removed from the show and subsequently arrested.

“Four people walked in a little bit late… I always talk to the people as they’re coming in… just to have a bit of a laugh with them,” explained Hughesy on his Hit Network Drive show.

“These people walked in a bit late. I said, ‘Why are you late?’ They sounded a bit like they’d been at a bit of a party.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh well, hopefully they’ll settle down once they sit down.’ But I don’t think they did settle down.

Kate interjected; “How late were they?”

“I’m on stage and I’m hearing an argument at the back of the room, like a proper argument,” responded Hughesy. “It was not good.”

Hughesy then played some audio from the gig of him attempting to deal with the problem.

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