How to Use Periscope on Your Show

It’s amazing how quickly Twitter’s new app Periscope has taken off. If you’re not familiar, check it out now. Basically, it turns your smartphone into a live camera instantly, allowing you to broadcast high quality video to anyone that follows you.

The most important part of using periscope is coming up with an attractive title (hook) that intrigues viewers and prompts them to watch. Also, just like content on your show…don’t broadcast too long! Leave them wanting more. When it starts to get boring for your viewers, they start to perceive you as boring, and that’s a bad thing!

With Periscope, you can save a session and make it available on demand for those who follow you to watch later. Be sure to only archive/save the best “episodes” of your broadcasts.

There are literally thousands of great ideas to use this app to grow your fan base, and entertain your audience. Here are just a few (special thanks to Eric Rowe for contributing his ideas, some of which are shared here):

Play Games With Listeners:

Turn on Periscope and challenge your listeners to ask you questions on a topic you’re good at. For example, 90s music trivia: They give you the artist, you tell them the hit. Or vice-versa. No prizes necessary!

Talk to people in line for big events like Apple’s latest product or a summer big summer movie release.

When you’re out in public at big events, bring the moment to your audience. Ask engaging questions to capture the moment and put your personality in the middle of these big events. You can even ask the followers to come up with awkward questions that you promise to ask the people in line, no matter what.

Have a contest where only a certain amount of listeners win a special viewing on Periscope.

With Periscope you have the option to only invite specific users to view your content without having to involve everyone that follows you on Twitter. This could be cool if you have a big announcement or a private concert at your studio. You’re not only giving away tickets to be in the studio but a lucky 100 listeners will be invited to be part of the event by watching it on Periscope. You can invite your Periscope followers to submit their questions. Note: I would welcome everybody so you can get more followers on your channel. But it’s an option for certain things you want to give away or do and make the listener feel more exclusive.

Take stunts to the next level

Think of all the visual things you have done and imagine how you could enhance it even more. Take listeners behind the scenes to show how it was created. Use periscope to recycle listeners to “tune in tomorrow morning at 7am to see what happens next”.

Show member Q&A

Another way to pull back the curtain and answer questions from fans. If you have a special guest on the show, take an extra couple of minutes to put the “extended version” on Periscope.

People love to see behind the scenes of morning shows.

During a few commercial breaks each day, take listeners behind the scenes and Periscope during the spots.

 Surprise visit to listeners at home (or work, or school).

Think about how cool it would be if someone from your favorite morning show showed up in person. They’ll tell all their friends and social networks to watch the recorded version.

Make Live Broadcasts & Remotes Come Alive

Hey, I hate live broadcasts as much as you do, but if you’re doing a client-based remote broadcast, make it fun and spread some extra value love to the client with a live video broadcast via Periscope. Your sales team could even generate a new revenue stream by having you do a live video broadcast from their business. Pair it with a landing page on your website and you have a nice new opportunity to generate revenue.

Event Interviews

Obviously, take it to any event you go to. What better way to do a live interview with a celebrity than having a live broadcast that you initiate instantly? You’ll have audio for the next day on the air, an instant live broadcast and stream it on demand to continue getting credit after the event.

Include Listeners

Listeners love to be part of the magic of entertainment, so let them be on with you! Invite them to meet you at a specific time and place to join the broadcast.

Bonus Content

Do you do entertainment news? There’s always more stories. Offer an extra couple of minutes of content that you don’t talk about on the air, and promote to watch it on demand (or live during commercials). Be sure to tease back to the next live report on the air.

Breaking News

Launch a live broadcast throughout the day with breaking gossip, news or information. You can be instant and spontaneous throughout the day and drive listeners back to your on-air show.

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