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Following the interviews given by Mel Greig and Michael Christian yesterday, attention is also being focused on King Edward VII hospitals role in the tragedy.

Overnight Australian time a British MP, Keith Vaz, has accused the hospital of not supporting Jacintha Saldanha's family appropriately, saying;

"They are extremely grateful to the public here in the UK and throughout the world who have sent them messages of condolences and support following the death of Jacintha – a loving mother and a loving wife".

'The hospital has sent them a letter, which I have seen, but I'm surprised that nobody has made the journey to Bristol to sit with them and offer them the counselling that I think they need."

"More support in my view needs to be given. This is a close family – they are devastated by what has happened. They miss her every moment of every day. I would like to see them get the same support that is apparently being given to others because this is a very traumatic time".

The hospital has refuted the claims saying they are giving all the support that they can.

However 'The Sunday Times' has reported that the extent of the counselling Jacintha Saldanha received following the prank call was a telephone call from the hospital to see how she was;

"Sources at the hospital insist that Saldanha was not disciplined or subjected to any 'serious interview' over her handling of the call. 'She was telephoned about it and asked what had happened and she explained' said one. 'She was traumatised by it and by the media coverage afterwards. The hospital was working hard to support her. But I don't think anyone realised how traumatised she was. There was a plan to have a chat [with her] at some time.'".

Also last night, the hospital released a statement saying that nobody in their senior management, or the company, spoke to anybody at 2Day FM.

"Following the hoax call, the radio station did not speak to anyone in the hospital's senior management or anyone at the company who handles our media enquiries."

Rhys Holleran, in his statement yesterday, said that there had been several attempts to speak with the hospital following the call, but none were successful.

pictured: Jacintha's husband Ben Bardoza and their children leaving their Bristol home yesterday.

For support and information about suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or

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