Hinch…”the plot thickens” at 3AW

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This is the tweet Derryn Hinch sent out last night…

There has been no official announcement but The Age have reported that Vizard will join 3AW as a regular fill-in host, working about 16 weeks a year in various shifts while the regular on-air lineup take holidays.

In late August, when Vizard was confirmed as the fill-in host for Denis Walter, 3AW’s Neil Mitchell came out saying that management’s decision “threatens the integrity of the station."

"I think that access to a microphone is a great privilege. I think in many ways, particularly for you, the audience, it is more important than being a director. And if he's not a fit and proper person under the law to be a director, he's not a fit and proper person to have the privilege of using a 3AW microphone or the airwaves."

Hinch followed Mitchell saying…

"And I've told them quite forcefully I think they're wrong and I've told them quite forcefully I think they're potentially damaging the radio station."

At the same time, 3AW GM Shane Healy said…

"The point I made to Neil when we were discussing it, because I gave Neil the heads up, is how long do you keep punishing someone? I just reckon it's reasonable to bring him back at this time. And he's good. If we'd done it one, two or three years after (Vizard was punished) you could have formulated that (integrity) argument, but this is seven years on. He got 10 years on the director's path, but that was a specific penalty. It wasn't for living his life or being an entertainer."

If Vizard appears on the celebrity wall there will undoubtedly be more heated debate inside 3AW regarding the decision.

Read more in The Age here

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