Hinch: ‘we don’t ever speak’

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The heated argument between 3AW's Derryn Hinch and Neil Mitchell earlier this week (here), over an alleged cover-up by the Royal Children's Hospital is clearly the tip of the iceberg. 

Speaking to News Limited Hinch has revealed that he has not spoken to Mitchell, or Breakfast Announcer Ross Stevenson for years; 

"We haven't said `hi' to each other and it is a nice way to have it, occasionally our cars are adjacent in the carpark and there is the occasional nod 'Mr Hinch', 'Mr Mitchell' sort of thing.

"And I haven't spoken to Ross for years, we never see each other, I used to say we are ships that pass in the night."

Asked how many other people at Fairfax he had fallen out with, Hinch said he had lost count. Mitchell was not prepared to make any comment on the Hinch thoughts, aside from to say "I'm not going to aggravate the suffering of the family by replying to anything from Derryn".

Whilst it is obviously not an ideal situation, with both Neil Mitchell and Derryn Hinch consistently rating either 1 or 2 in their respective shifts, Fairfax will not lose too much sleep over the personality clash.

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