Hinch pleads not guilty to contempt of court

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Former broadcaster Derryn Hinch will stand trial after pleading not guilty to contempt of court for making online comments about the history of Jill Meagher's killer.

Hinch has been charged with two counts of contempt, one relating to his blog and the other to tweets.

He says, "In the Jill Meagher case…some of the (social media) excesses were some of the worst things you've ever seen over a court case, and some people in social media went way beyond what was legally or morally responsible."

"I wasn't one of those people."

"I'm pleading not guilty to contempt of court because I believe I was not in contempt of court."

"I know if I lose this one I will go to jail."

"I think I'm probably at the moment probably the most cautious journalist around when it comes to upsetting the courts, I have good reason to be."

The two day trial will begin on September 23.

Read more in The Australian here.

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